Huawei Pakistan holds IT Road Show

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STAFF REPORT ISB:The information technology and ICT have range of applications in multiple fields and can account for different challenges by easing the lifestyles through innovation. Huawei Technologies, Pakistan recently organized a two day IT Road Show Pakistan 2015 to showcase their innovative cutting edge technologies and products to the tech aficionados, IT enthusiasts, gadget lovers etc.

The Senior Officer of Huawei Technologies Pakistan spoke to the media team, “The rapidly changing technology landscape in the world has prompted Pakistani IT enterprises to keep the industry uplifted despite of several challenges. The Huawei Technologies is also a key player in the Pakistani market and strives to introduce new trends in the country through their innovative products”.

He hailed the business intelligence of Pakistani companies working in IT sector for promotion of ICT in country. The officer said that the tech entrepreneurs of Pakistan are well cognizant with changing dynamics of the IT industry in the region and align their product lines according to that which is the primary reason that the industry is still alive in the country considering the fact that copious challenges hurl upon Pakistan to bring instability but resilience to those factors is the hallmark of Pakistan`s IT industry.


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