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Al-Quds University made COMSATS Coordinating Council’s 21st member

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ISLAMABAD (May 24, 2017): The COMSATS Coordinating Council has expanded to reach a total of 21 institutions after it has approved the Al-Quds University of Palestine as its new member by giving the status of centre of excellence. The Coordinating Council is the most dynamic technical cooperation forum of the South under the Commission on […]…Read More

Science diplomacy – new mode of foreign policy in the 21st century

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article image HISTORICALLY, foreign policy can be assumed to have emerged when contacts between the earliest human societies took place. It refers to the actions sovereign states take towards each other. It is significant to note that these actions generally are not taken as ends in themselves but are joined in some way to larger principle from long run aspirations to more immediate aims that national leaders hope to achieve in their dealings with other countries. Sometimes the two terms, foreign…Read More

Workshop on INDCs, climate change is a biggest challenge of the 21st century

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SIDRA SAIF ISB: Lead-Pakistan and WWF-Pakistan organized the three day workshop on "Intended Nationally Determined Contributions development. In the workshop Mushahid Ullah Khan, climate change Minister expressed his views about climate change impact on Pakistan. He said that global warming has emerged as the biggest challenge of the 21st century and resulted in frequent flash floods, forest fires, torrential rains, sea-level rise, glacier melt and depleting river flows. The minister…Read More

Modern medical ethics: Critical issue for the 21st century

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article image By Mirza Abdul Aleem Baig"IF WE believe men have any personal rights at all as human beings, they have an absolute right to such a measure of good health as society, and society alone is able to give them" - AristotleHealth systems as defined by World Health Organization (WHO) "all the activities whose primary purpose is to promote, restore or maintain health". When we move into the 21st century, the promotion and protection of human rights is gaining greater momentum. The…Read More