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Pakistan and Afghanistan inked water treaty

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The Climate Change Ministry has explored the possibility of entering a water treaty with Afghanistan to safeguard Pakistan’s rights on trans-boundary water inflows and promote integrated watershed management including ecological conservation practices in uphill watersheds according to international standards and conventions. According to an official document, the ministry would also focus on the efforts to […]…Read More

ECOSF, UNESCO to start MAB programme in Afghanistan

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article image STAFF REPORTER ISB: Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro, President of ECO Science Foundation (ECOSF), along with Vibeke Jensen, Director UNESCO-Pakistan called upon the Ambassador of The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Janan Mosaz ai this month to acquaint him of a joint initiative in Afghanistan by the two intergovernmental organizations that have a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed by their parent organizations (ECO and UNESCO, in 1995). President ECOSF apprised the Ambassador…Read More

Pakistan lagging behind Afghanistan in 3G tech

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STAFF REPORT ISB:  The National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Cabinet has been informed that it is deplorable that Afghanistan has 3G technologies while there are several complications in the auction of 3G spectrum licence in Pakistan.However, PTA Chairman Farooq Awan assured the committee that the authority will finalise the 3G licence auction by the end of this year. He also informed the committee that the authority wants that there might be a monitoring committee having complete access…Read More

Arif made GM Nokia for Pakistan, Afghanistan

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Nokia Pakistan has promoted Arif Shafique, Head of Sales, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan,as GM. Backed by more than four years of experience in Nokia Pakistan, Arif has an in-depth understanding of the company’s critical management processes and is one of the few employees to have been associated with the company since its inception in Pakistan.During his tenure at Nokia, Arif has shown remarkable performance and has made substantial contribution to the company’s top-line…Read More