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Allelopathy for the pest management

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article image Allelopathy is basically defined as the influence or the impact of a plant on the growth of the other plant and microorganisms by releasing certain chemical compound. The allele chemicals could have a promontory as well as inhibitory effect depending upon their concentration. These allele chemicals are usually the byproducts of the plant metabolic processes and can be produced by leaves stems and roots. They can be released in the environment as root exudates, decomposition or by…Read More

Allelopathy – a natural alternative approach towards weed management

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article image ALLELOPATHY is a biological phenomenon in which an organism releases one or more bio-chemicals that influences the other organisms. These biochemicals are recognized as allelochemicals and can have positive or negative effects on the target organisms. At present, allelopathy has been considered to be the most important factor influencing the invasion and spread of exotic plants. The importance of allelopathy in natural agro-ecosystem has attracted researcher’s attention with the…Read More

Allelopathy: An intercropping benefit

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article image Intercropping (also known as poly culture) is growing two or more crops in order to maximize the beneficial interactions while minimizing competition. The resulting beneficial interaction can lower the need of external inputs. Intercropping can also provide increased biodiversity, stability, financial diversification and effective weed control. Intercropping can be done with field, vegetable and even tree crops. There are at least four basic spatial arrangements used in intercropping. Most…Read More