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E-commerce faces barriers to expansion in Pakistan

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E-commerce sector has a huge potential of thriving with the increasing internet service subscriptions and rising market penetration of smartphones in Pakistan. Pakistan has 44 million broadband users much greater than the population of Canada, still, e-commerce industry is treasured at a sheer $100 million. Pakistan was ranked 105th out of 137 countries on the […]…Read More

E-commerce thriving in Pakistan despite barriers

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: With more than 2,000 shopping portals, the country’s e-shopping space is expanding quickly despite multiple barriers to entry, NetSol Technologies Founder and CEO Salim Ghauri said on the launch of its e-commerce portal Turbooz.com. A new initiative, Turbooz.com is a portal designed to provide designers, artisans and entrepreneurs a platform to promote and sell online both locally and internationally. "We want to enable and empower the incredible…Read More

Barriers to innovations

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article image The Global Innovation Index (GII) report, jointly produced by Cornell University, Insead and Wipo every year, has become a leading source of reference on innovation. The theme of GII 2014, released on the 18th of July, is Human factor in innovation’. The report covers 143 economies around the world and ranks them on a score of 0-100, using 81 different indicators to gauge innovation capabilities and results. Consistent with the rankings of the past GII reports, the top ten economies…Read More

IBM breaks tech barriers for dead kids

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers, a project of Family Educational Services Foundation offer academic and vocational skills training for deaf children and young adults in an enabling environment where students can excel. In addition to a full academic regimen, they also learn marketable skills such as Culinary Arts, Tailoring, Stitching, Embroidery, Arts and Crafts, IT, Carpentry, and more.Six Deaf Reach Schools and Training Centers care for upwards of 800 deaf students…Read More