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The battle for the next generation Big Data Analysis Framework

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article image BIG DATA Cloud Servers with all the hype and promised potential around Big Data for more than a decade, Big Analysis is transforming Big Data into reality since our ability to make sense of data has grown exponentially and is still significantly improving. Big Analysis is leveraging all sorts of data about pretty much everyone by using demographic data, social media habits, purchasing power, job experience, search history, preferences and much more. Companies that want to remain…Read More

Exploring indigenous goat breeds to battle against parasites

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article image Goats, earliest domesticated animals on land, evolved from wild goats and their relatives which were first appearing in the Central Asia. Goats include in the group of small ruminants which are used for various purposes, e.g. milk, meat, wool, hair, charm, ceremonial and sacrificial animals all over the world. In addition to these, goat-keeping plays important role in the growth of national economy. Goats provide income and support to the farmers and help in their poverty reduction.…Read More