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Kwick innovation supports massive biometrics programs

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Some of the most ambitious biometric regulations in the world are taking place in Pakistan, where the government has determined the best way to deal with high-stakes national issues like fraud and terrorism is through the use of identification authentication technology. In Pakistan all new SIM cards must be registered to an individual whose identity is confirmed with a database of citizens managed by the NADRA. The regulation has been put into practice gradually…Read More

Integrated Biometrics to help get rid of ghost teachers

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: A ghost teacher’ problem in Pakistan that had grown so bad and led to the closure of thousands of schools is finally being addressed through biometrics. The problem was much worse than the standard ghost’ employee issue where fake or former workers exploit bureaucratic holes to continue drawing monthly salaries. In Pakistan, particularly its southern Balochistan and Sindh provinces, entire shadow schools’ were still being funded although the facilities…Read More

Zong 1st to deploy biometrics system

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STAFF REPORT IBD: Zong has become the first mobile operator in Pakistan to implement the Biometric Verification System at its customer service centres. The installation of this systems displays the commitment of Zong towards PTA directives; highlighting its compliance and contributions in the national policies implementation. The new verification system introduced by Zong will require each citizen to approach retailer, franchisee or Customer Service Centers of Zong and provide their…Read More