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Video lecture on health issues of birds in summer

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LAHORE (24-05-17): The University of Veterinary and Animals Sciences Lahore in collaboration with Panchi Virsa Foundation organised a lecture on “Various health issues of birds in summer, their feeding tips, major diseases and medication tips” etc. Dr Rob Marshall, one of the world’s top bird veterinarians from Australia, delivered the lecture via video link from […]…Read More

Birds of Pakistan book launched

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STAFF REPORT ISB: Birds of Pakistan’, a book that covers the threat to some of the most beautiful creatures of flight in Pakistan, has been launched. It is a compilation by Arif Amin and Ghulam Rasool, supplemented by researches from Umbreen Arif. The book stands unique as it portrays a soft image of Pakistan, with hints at an important issue that plagues our world. Pakistan has almost 780 species of birds and this book has covered 96 species and a total of 122 photographs of birds.The book…Read More

Migratory birds – another culprit behind spread of gastrointestinal parasites

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article image Migration is the seasonal changes behaviour of the birds as they move between their winter homes and summer breeding grounds. In fall they usually leave their breeding areas where the weather is severe and food sources are not plentiful, resources-rich environments while in spring they return to breeding areas. Migration is an extremely diverse behaviour found in all animal taxa.Migration of the birds is a natural seasonal opportunity for breeding, habitats, and feeding. It is a…Read More

Wild birds: career of infectious diseases

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article image By Dr. Saif Ur RehmanWILD BIRDS and especially migratory species transmit a wide range of parasitic infections to human and other living organisms. Certain types of pathogens are closely associated with migratory birds in comparison to other animal species. There is no truism indirect transmission of parasitic infection from wild bird to human being. There exist many human infections that can theoretically be transmitted from the aforementioned bird species although the base of science for most…Read More

Changed rain patterns affecting birds breeding cycle

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: The changing rain pattern is having disastrous effects on numerous species of indigenous birds, with many of them being unable to breed due to this year’s delayed monsoon rains."The global warming, altering temperatures and changes in climate have resulted in delayed monsoons rains, which have led to a number of species - including birds, mammals, reptiles and insects - missing their breeding season," said Hussain Bakhsh Bhagat, Project Director at the Sindh…Read More