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Ozone layer protection-greening the blue

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The fact that environment influences terrestrial life is readily apparent. At the same time, it is also clear that humans and other constituents of the biosphere affect environment significantly. Human activities during the last century involving particularly landscape modification, resource exploitation and effluent flow have reached sufficient magnitude as to bring unpredictable effects on eco-system. […]…Read More

Blue whales bounce back from ravages

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article image MONITORING REPORT CALIFORNIA: Researchers believe California blue whales have recovered in numbers and the population has returned to sustainable levels; they say this is the only population of blue whales to have rebounded from the ravages of whaling. According to the research team there are now 2,200 of these giant creatures on the eastern side of the Pacific Ocean. But concerns remain about their vulnerability to being struck by ships. At up to 33m in length and weighing in at up to…Read More

Baluchitherium, Blue Whale displays open at PMNH

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The life size displays of Baluchitherium (the largest mammal on earth) and Blue Whale has been inaugurated here at the Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), Garden Avenue, Shakarparian.The inauguration ceremony was organized by PMNH, a subsidiary organization of Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) to open these entertainment and informative exhibits.A large number of scientists, educationists and students from the twin cities of…Read More