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A blueprint for development

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article image Since the formation of Pakistan, successive governments have largely ignored the key pillars necessary for socio-economic development including education, science, technology and innovation, access to a quick and effective justice system that swiftly punishes the corrupt and a visionary, honest and technologically competent government. The era that we live in today has been termed by the World Economic Forum as a technological revolution…Read More

The blueprint for a Pakistani app ecosystem

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article image BACK IN 2008 when Apple first released the App Store’ as a 3rd party platform for developers, Steve Jobs reasoned the move was meant to help Apple "sell more iPhones (sic)". These words were to prove prophetic as Apple went on to sell as many units in the next 3 months as they had sold in the past 1 year.But Jobs had not made this prediction in a vacuum. Facebook had already opened up its web platform to 3rd party developers a year ago and had seen its user base almost triple in the…Read More