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Joint radio transmission broadcast exclusive WSD transmission

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: ZAB-FM 106.6 (The Voice of SZABIST Islamabad) sorted out an eccentric transmission on World Science Day (WSD) as a team with Technology Times Newspaper and Educational Broadcasters Forum (EBF). The objective of the transmission was to sensitize masses about the importance of WSD and the role science plays to enlighten peoples lives by offering many solutions to the daily life challenges and what role it can play for sustainable future, dialog and to scaffold crevice…Read More

Ministry developing fully-automated broadcast monitoring

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) is in process of developing a fully automated radio broadcast monitoring system to detect content of interest in live audio and video streams. The system will be designed to work on `Software as a Service’ (SAAS) model where end-clients will be able to exploit functionalities of the system over the web. The project called Realtime Automated Broadcast Monitoring and Information Exploitation System is being executed by the…Read More