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Camelina Oil as an Emerging Biofuel

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article image According to the theory of Entropy, the world is going towards destruction process in every second of time. The Climate and Weather are changing rapidly for the previous two decades. Seasons are shifting, glaciers are melting sea level is increasing; the frequency of floods, tsunamis, and the population are increasing. The change in climate is only due the human activities like use of fuel and diesel which have increased the concentration of CO2, NO, and chlorofluorocarbons. We cannot stop…Read More

Perspective of Camelina sativaas-an oil seed crop

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article image Pakistan is a developing country. With the increasing population, the demand for edible oil increases day by day. In Pakistan cotton sunflower, rapeseed-mustard and canola are considered as major oilseed crops. Pakistan has been constantly and chronically deficient in its production. The country produce only 30% of edible oil and about 70% of the domestic requirements are met through import. Camelina is an important oil seed crop, which have high percentage of oil contents. Its oil is…Read More

Camelina-a sustainable biofuel miracle plant

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article image Camelina is an oilseed and energy crop, which has gathered a lot of attention in the last few years. Its importance cannot be ignored due to its uses and benefits. Worldwide, everyone is looking for bio-fuel and camelina is one of the best sources of bio-fuels. Recently, jet fuel market has evolved as a potential business opportunity for camelina oil. It has excellent nutritional and medicinal values due to the presence of elite fatty acid profiling. It has potential for many other bio-…Read More