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Cashing in on gas turbines

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article image WHY ENERGY plays an important role in the economy of any country. Why we are looking for gas as an energy source to our country. The oil and gas industry commonly use gas turbines to drive pumps and compressors, process industries use them to drive compressors and other large mechanical equipment, and many industrial and institutional facilities use turbines to generate electricity for use on-site. When used to generate power on-site, gas turbines are often used in combined heat and power mode…Read More

Cashing in on halal meat market

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SINCE A new and dynamic global halal industry is thriving especially in the world where over 1.6 billion Muslims live, the demand for halal foods and products is getting strong with the passage of time. In countries like Malaysia, the government is pushing hard to make the country a global hub for halal products. However, Pakistan, having over 180 million Muslim population, has a more pure regime where consumption of alcohol along with all other Haram food products like pork are virtually non-…Read More