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Experts caution environment issues may plague Pakistan in future

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article image SIDRA SAIF ISB: Pakistan is facing major environmental issues, mainly water shortage, which have the potential to plague the country in coming years in terms of impacting ecosystems and biodiversity besides triggering more natural disaster deterioration of climate change. They called for a comprehensive policy framework and its effective implementation involving all stakeholders to minimize environmental impacts. These views were expressed at a meeting organized by International Union…Read More

Time to exercise caution

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While multinational seed companies led by Monsanto, Pioneer and lately Syngenta are trying hard to get approval for genetically modified Bt Corn/Maize in Pakistan, Poland became the 10th country recently to ban GM corn/maize plantation in Europe. Europe is not a food sufficient region as it imports Corn, Soy beans etc., from outside. In early March, 2012 nine European countries - Belgium, Great Britain, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Slovakia - successfully blocked an effort by…Read More