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Pakistan plans to manufacture cellphones, smartphones

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan has decided to indigenous manufacturing of cellphones and smartphones as mobile phones penetration stands at around 75 per cent in Pakistan. With a population growth getting close to 200 million in Pakistan itself, there is a huge market for these new, hand held sets. The demand of handy cell phones and smart phones is equally strong both in urban as well as rural areas, like far away Gilgit-Baltistan on the Chinese border in the north and Chaman in the…Read More

Cellphones and children

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CELLPHONE IS one of the products of the modern technologies. Different companies have launched their phones for all classes. The usage of cellphones due to their cheaper prices has become common. For adults, it is acceptable, but for children it is a waste of time. It also distracts their attention which results in loss of education. This also leads to other undesirable activities.Moreover, the use of cellphone has increased the menace of cheating during school and college exams. If, according…Read More