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Improving local certified potato seed via tissue culture

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Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) on Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) on Pakistani Potato has placed a recommendation for improvement of local quality certified seed using tissue culture. To enhance per acre crop production for sustainable agriculture development it asked in the meeting for beginning a National Potato Institute in the country. The initiative to increasing […]…Read More

Warid Telecom partners with Daraz.pk to provide certified LTE handsets

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article image Islamabad,December 26, 2014:Warid Telecom, the most reliable cellular services operator in Pakistan, is now ready to launch its LTE (Long Term Evolution) premium data service. After months of eager anticipation, consumers can now make the switch to the most advanced wireless communication network in Pakistan and take advantage of a number of features such as unparalleled data speeds, seamless VoIP connectivity and synchronized video streaming. As part of its value-added services, Warid…Read More

Experts suggest certified seed for better wheat yield

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Farm experts have emphasized for the use of certified wheat seed so as to increase wheat crop in the country and discouraging seed multiplication of banned varieties and urged the relevant department to should notify the banned varieties. A two-day Annual Wheat Planning/Wheat Productivity Enhancement Programme (WPEP) meeting has recently been held in Islamabad and recommended the farmers to use certified wheat seed to increase wheat crop. PARC Chairman Dr Iftikhar…Read More

Samsung LM561B package LM-80 certified

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: Samsung Electronics has announced that the Samsung LM561B, a high-efficacy mid-power LED package, has been LM-80 certified. LM-80 is a widely observed test for lumen maintenance developed and accredited by U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Star programme. "Through the LM-80 standard testing, we have affirmed that our LM561B package is an outstanding mid-power solution optimized for premium LED lighting applications that demand high efficacy and reliability,&…Read More

InfoTech turns Netezza certified IBM partner

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: InfoTech has emerged as the IBM’s first certified Netezza partner in Pakistan, which would enable the company to deploy solutions involving Netezza Data warehouses appliances, renowned for its high-performance business analytics, in the local industry.This alliance will expedite the growth of individual as well as the businesses in the industry in addition to effectively contributing to big data analysis."At InfoTech we believe in investing in areas that can bring value…Read More