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Child labour linked to earlier puberty in boys

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Data being presented at the joint International Congress of Endocrinology/European Congress of Endocrinology started at Florence, Italy, from May 5 show for the first time that boys who are made to work at a young age undergo puberty at an earlier age than their school-attending counterparts.Dr Syed Shakeel Raza Rizvi of Pakistan Museum of Natural History/Pakistan Science Foundation, Islamabad, and his team from the PMAS Arid Agriculture University, RMC and NIH, studied 294…Read More

Meet Umair, Pakistans very own child prodigy

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article image By Anaam RazaCHILD PRODIGIES are an eclectic bunch; being on the fast-track in the lane of life at such a tender age makes them so. Although, some go on to commit suicide, turn to crime and develop drink and drug problems, we remain irrevocably fascinated by them. We are overcome by their childhood achievements and allured by the fame and recognition they bring to the family. Secretly we wish in the depths of our hearts that our children would also do the same.However, what we fail to realise is…Read More