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Integrated use of murate of potash (MOP) with compost- an approach to low salt index

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Potassium (K) is described as quality element and it is one of important macronutrient essential for physiological development of plant. K plays an important role in plant metabolism and considerably increases the grain production. Its determinant effect on crop quality and yield are also considerable. Each kind of fertilizers as it is organic, bio fertilizer […]…Read More

Agro-waste in compost production and its application in bio-geyser

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article image Due to the excessive rise in the prices of traditional inorganic fertilizers, their use has become out of reach of the poor farmers. Moreover, the use of inorganic fertilizers over long period of time has caused damage to the constitution of soils. At the same time these inorganic fertilizers pollute the underground waters. Therefore, the research on the production and use of organic fertilizers (compost) is the need of hour. In this regard, for the last several years "the soil…Read More