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Physiological role of zinc and its deficiency consequences in plants

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Zinc is an essential micro‐nutrients required in optimum quantity to harvest the potential of the plants and to get the maximum yield. Its deficiency is a major yield reducing factor especially in the several Asian countries. Thirty percent soils and more than two billion people in the world are deficient in Zinc. The optimum status of zinc in soils is 1.17 ppm and about 70 per cent of cultivated area of Pakistan is considered as zinc deficient, and its deficiency is third most serious crop…Read More

Energy shortfall: painful consequences

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THE CHRONIC problem of energy shortfall is resulting in prolonged power loadshedding and subsequent multiple problems. There is talk of using coal and wind energy as also import of power from India in addition to restarting work on Nandipur/Chichoki projects. What is not being referred to is the need of spurt in hydel projects like the Kalabagh Dam that would solve the endemic problems of power and water shortage as also mitigate flood damage below the Tarbela Dam. Even though the Lahore…Read More