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Soybean production constraints & possible solutions

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FOOD SECURITY is a global issue these days and has led the scientists to ensure high yields of all crops. Soybean is an important oil seed crop worldwide. It serves both for oil source for human consumption and is used for animal feed production. The vulnerable climate is posing threats to the crops. In this every increasing population, we may face shortages of foods in some areas of the world. We don’t want to suffer food shortages worldwide. Natural disasters and pests are the major…Read More

Constraints in livestock sector in Pakistan

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article image By Muhammad Mohsin Raza, Zeeshan Sattar, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Sabir Khan LIVESTOCK IS an important sector in agriculture. It represents 52.2 per cent of agricultural value added and contributes 11 per cent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Some 30-35 million rural people depend directly or indirectly on livestock for their livelihood. It has potential to absorb more rural labour to reduce rural poverty if proper attention is given to this sector. Pakistan is proud to be the fifth…Read More

Constraints of citrus industry in Pakistan

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article image WHILE THE origin of citrus fruits cannot be exactly known, researchers trust that they began to appear in Southeast Asia at least 4000BC. Citrus has been reported to prevent liver, lungs and skin cancer and heart diseases. It is the best source of vitamin C, sugar, amino acids and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron. Pakistan is an important citrus producer across the globe. 10 per cent of the fruit is exported, 2 per cent is processed while 40 per cent lost in the post - harvest…Read More