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Establishment of controversial coal plant at Rahimyar

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Although the government has paid a lot to power producers ignoring the warnings for surplus power generation they have decided to set up a Rahimyar Khan coal power plant that can generate 1,320 megawatts, according to officials. Power Ministry officials informed on anonymity condition that this establishment is merely for business tycoon as it was […]…Read More

Senate body approves controversial cybercrime bill

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article image ISLAMABAD: Despite continuous outrage from the opposition parties and constructive criticism by the civil society, the controversial Prevention of Electronic Crimes Bill, 2016 has been passed by the Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and telecommunication. A senate body in Pakistan has approved the bill against cybercrime - which has been widely criticized by the countryand#39;s public as a means to curb human rights and freedom of…Read More

Pakistan continues with controversial plan to turn coal into diesel

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PAKISTAN IS pushing ahead with a controversial plan to produce synthetic diesel through underground gasification of its vast coal deposits in the Thar desert in Sindh province. According to the precise estimates, the Thar carries the world’s second biggest coal deposits amounting to around 185 billion tons which have the cost of three trillion dollars in the international market.However, the Thar Underground Coal Gasification project had hung in the balance for the last 14 months following the…Read More