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Training workshop on dendrochronology held at PMNH

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STAFF REPORT ISB: A one-day training workshop has recently been organized by the Botanical Sciences Division, at Pakistan Museum of Natural History Islamabad which focused on the introduction of the new and emerging field of dendrochronology in Pakistan along with its applications. Dendrochronology is basically the study of growth rings in trees for the purpose of analyzing past climate conditions or determining the dates of past events. It is the new and emerging science in Pakistan. …Read More

Dendrochronology-a new emerging and Applied Science in Pakistan

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article image CLIMATE PLAYS an important role in our everyday life and also directly or indirectly influences some of our key economic activities e.g. Agriculture, Forestry, Tourism, Hydropower. It is now widely accepted that the world’s climate is changing (global warming) due to human activities. The urgent question is what does this mean to Pakistan? Developed countries are spending billions of dollars each year to obtain information about the climatic change, supporting professional staff, which are of…Read More