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Cyber entrepreneurship has changed the dynamics of procurers in Pakistan: Basharat Ali

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article image Basharat Ali is a Sialkot based ardent tech lover, and an established cyber entrepreneur. He has completed Masters in Information Technology from Virtual University. He is the creator of sialkotshop.com, an online cricket accessories sale point which gained immense popularity particularly in cricket WC 2015 days due to official sports Tee in the product line. Basharat entails rich experience of retailing as he was influenced by CA Sports during his early career job. He is a tech savvy…Read More

The dynamics and potential of Oil Seeds in Pakistan

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article image IN PAKISTAN, there is less established cropping system for oilseed crops. Most of the area under major crops is situated in Indus basin. The major crops in the existing cropping system are wheat, cotton, rice and maize. However, some pockets for sunflower such as rice-sunflower-rice and cotton-sunflower-cotton are emerging. Currently, 0.754 million ha of the total cropped area are under oilseed crops are Sunflower Rapeseed - Mustard, Sesame, Groundnut, Linseed, Safflower, Soybean and…Read More