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Graduation Ceremony of Nutrition in Mountain Agro Ecosystems (NMA) Project

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Certificate awarded to 25 Rural Service Providers on the success of completion of their nutrition sensitive micro initiatives certificate at the Graduation Ceremony of Nutrition in Mountain Agro Ecosystems (NMA) Project, pointed out in a press release. Nutrition in Mountain Agro-Eco Systems (NMA) project based on the sustainable effect on the situation of nutrition of […]…Read More

IUCN commission striving to expand database on ecosystems

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article image KARACHI: The IUCN Pakistan on Monday organised a presentation by Piet Wit, the chairperson of the IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM), at the IUCN Country Office, Karachi. Piet Wit shared the work of the commission on ecosystem management carried out over the last four years. He said that the commission worked on specific ecosystems, such as wetlands, mountains, and fisheries and deep-sea mining and it had over 20 thematic groups. Some newer thematic groups included arctic…Read More

Comprehensive conservation initiative needed for protecting vulnerable ecosystems, forests and wildlife of Pakistan

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article image PAKISTAN, LOCATED on the western edge of South Asia represents diverse ecosystems extending from the snow clad mountains in the north, wide river valleys, vast flood plains and deserts criss-crossing the nation with unique coastal ecosystems along her southern and south western borders. Within these vast areas are located different ecosystems with specific forest types and a rich diversity of wildlife. The spectacular natural beauty of the nation draws several tourists around the globe. But…Read More

International experts focus Pakistan for protection of ecosystems, environment

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: As Pakistan is extremely becoming vulnerable to climate change and its gruesome impacts on the all sectors especially weather, economies, agriculture, wetlands, biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystems, experts from international organizations at a three-day meeting have stressed for bringing urgent and serious attention to climate change mitigation as it would contribute towards life Earth and its inhabitants.t They expressed these views at the sixth…Read More

Dire need to preserve ecosystems

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Though the human activities like industrialization, economic activities, real estate or fast-paced urbanization in Pakistan are expanding, no matter if they go on sans any rules or codes, yet their implications on environment, wildlife, ecosystem of plants, natural habitats, animal species are shockingly beyond estimates. Massive migration of precious plants, rare species of animals as well as birds from their environmentally suitable places to unfriendly or non-conducive regions, of course,…Read More

Encyclopedia Ecosystems of Pakistan unveiled

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Launching ceremony of second volume of the Encyclopedia titled "Ecosystems of Pakistan" containing 12 volumes was held here at Armacost Building, FC College, Lahore. The ceremony was jointly arranged by Urdu Science Board and WWF-Pakistan. Vice Chancellor of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Professor Dr Talat Nasir Pasha was the chief guest on this occasion. Addressing the ceremony, Dr Talat Nasir Pasha stressed the importance of the book declaring…Read More