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Molecular biology tool CRISPR/Cas9 nailing new era of technology

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article image With the advancement of technology, therapeutics have also entered a new era with emerging technology of the time that is biotechnology and genetic engineering. Many of the diseases like sickle cell anemia can be cured using genetic manipulation approach but there are some constraints technologically that has made the therapeutic gene editing insufficient to be […]…Read More

Forestry in Pakistan to enter in new era with modern training and equipment

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PR: Forestry in Pakistan has entered into a new era with special training, vision and approach on preserving and promoting forests in the country as a precious national resource and asset. The speakers said this at the closing session of 4 days Training of Trainers (ToTs). The training was held as a collaborated effort by […]…Read More

New era of translational research the regenerative medicines

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TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH applies findings from basic science to enhance human health and well-being. The efforts and objectives include in the medical research ambiance is to simplify the findings of basic research into medicine and nursing practice and provide consequential health benefits. Nowadays, the most promising field of translational research is regenerative medicines. Regenerative medicines are a multidisciplinary field of research and analytical applications that deal with the…Read More

Intel welcomes Pakistan to the era of integration in 2015

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Islamabad,December 9, 2014:Intel held the first of two Year End sessions today in Lahore, the second one of which is scheduled to be held in Karachi on11 December. The Year End sessions recapped key moments from 2014 and a look ahead at predictions for the coming year. Presented a keynote speech highlighting it has been another breakthrough year for Intel and the IT industry as a whole, with the Asia Pacific and Japan region being a major driver for significant change. With advancements…Read More

4G fast opening era of accelerated digitization: Anusha

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Minister of IT and Telecommunication, Anusha Rahman, has said that with the advent of 4G service, an era of accelerated digitization has begun in Pakistan. "It is my dream to bring technological revolution in Pakistan and we strived hard to materialise that dream. PTA hired renowned consultant’s value partner from UK who had a vast worldwide experience of conducting spectrum auction," the minister said. She was addressing as chief guest at launching…Read More

Intel projects women skills in digital era

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Intel Pakistan, in collaboration with the Karachi Press Club, has recently marked the International Women’s Day with women in media. The event titled Intel Celebrates Women’ was held at the Press Club and included a panel of leading women achievers, Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and Bolo Bhi, Nezihe Hussain, Owner, SWOT, Salma Jafri, Content Marketer, Social Media Trainer and Writer.The event focused on digital literacy, problem-solving and collaboration skills for…Read More

Smart phones will take Pakistan into a new era

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article image AT A recently held seminar in Karachi, Javed discussed how Facebook has fundamentally altered not just the way we communicate, but behave as well. He then showed a clip which contained a plethora of interesting statistics about social media, including the fact that if all of Facebook’s users were to comprise a country, it would be the third most populous one on the planet. The clip also contained a quote by American columnist Erik Qualman, who said, "We don’t have a choice on whether we…Read More