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Experts warn of bleak future if federation, provinces fail to resolve post-18th amendment impasse

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PR: Energy experts and policy analysts at a roundtable organized at Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) have warned that if immediate measures are not taken by the federation and the provinces to sort out their policy differences on the interpretation and application of the 18th constitutional amendment vis-à-vis oil and gas exploration, the consequences could be disastrous. […]…Read More

Start-ups are reshaping entrepreneurship in Pakistan, say experts

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PR:  Pakistan’s new crop of entrepreneurs must learn how to sell their idea as a first step towards realizing their dream, said experts at Jinnah Institute’s town hall titled ‘From Ideas to Markets: How start-ups are reshaping entrepreneurship”, held at Iqra University Karachi. While the entrepreneurship landscape was changing in favour of entrepreneurs through improved access to […]…Read More

Pakistan losing $200 million due to fruit fly: experts

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article image The country is losing $200 million annually due to fruit fly, which is a serious threat to export of fruits and vegetables. It was said by agricultural experts during a seminar organised by the University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, in collaboration with the district government on the directives of the Punjab government here on Saturday. The […]…Read More

Experts paint grim picture of agri sector

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Climate changes are responsible for affecting crop yield caused by unstable rainfall patterns, drought, and increasing temperature, experts predicted the grey picture of agri sector as per scenario. Punjab Agriculture Secretary M Mahmood said that the Punjab Government was reshaping agroecological zones to increase productivity based on modest advantage and to fight the challenges concerning […]…Read More

Experts fear termination of food security project will hit research sector

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Termination of $30 million food security project by USAID has drawn criticism from experts and stakeholders and they fear that the abrupt decision will affect the ongoing research and scholar exchange programmes in the country. They claimed the situation will badly hit the higher education sector and it will affect ties between the United States […]…Read More

Climate change affecting desert ecosystem, livestock: experts

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In Pakistan, desert ecosystem is also not safe from the adverse effect of climate change and the weather conditions sometimes become so harsh that it makes life of people and their livestock miserable, said the Climate change and conservation experts.The deserts of Thar and Cholistan are most affected by climate change and varying rainfall patterns […]…Read More

No legal claims to Microsoft over the flaw of WannaCry, experts

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Organizations that neglected to refresh Microsoft Windows-based computer systems did not update because hit by monstrous cyber-attack on weekend. They will be sued for careless and slack cyber security, however, assures itself and appreciates protection from lawsuits, said the legal experts. Around the world, about 200,000 Windows computers or more are influenced by WannaCry worm. […]…Read More

Climate change to disrupt poor agricultural communities: experts

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Climate change is threatening the food security of Pakistan indirectly by affecting the agriculture output environmentalists said. Experts have also said that climate change will disrupt the poor agricultural communities. “Awareness about the effects of climate change are extremely important for the farming community of Pakistan”, said Muhammad Saleem Shaikh Deputy Director Ministry of Climate […]…Read More

Its a matter of survival now Experts, Government for Improving Water Management in Balochistan; Call for Greater Focus on Implementation

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article image QUTEETA: The expert consultation on improving water governance in Balochistan organized by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature, and Taraqee Foundation came to a close on December 20, 2016, after extensive deliberations that centered on the need for urgency in addressing the already deteriorating water crisis in the province. Representative from the Government of Balochistan, the Ministry of Climate Change, as well as experts from the water sector and the US-…Read More