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Basic control system in gene expression

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The flow of information from a gene to it product is from DNA to RNA to protein. The properties of different protein products of genes are determined by the sequence of amino acids of the polypeptide chain and by the way in which the chain is folded. Each gene is usually responsible for the synthesis of a single polypeptide. Gene expression begins with the enzymatic synthesis of an RNA molecule that is a copy of one strand of the DNA segment corresponding to the gene. This process is called…Read More

Pakistans draft Computer Crimes Law endangers freedom of expression

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article image The ARTICLE 19 and Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan are concerned about the draft Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act of Pakistan 2014 (Draft Law) currently being prepared for presentation before the Pakistani Parliament. Although the Draft Law contains a number of welcome procedural safeguards, several provisions violate international standards on freedom of expression. We therefore call on the Pakistani government to amend the Draft Law in accordance with our recommendations below before…Read More