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Food, water most important factors for development of country Ahsan Iqbal

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article image ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Planning, Education and Reforms Prof. Ahsan Iqbal has said that food, water and energy are the most important factors that are required for the development of a country. Addressing the 3rd International Water Conference on Water Security andamp; Sustainable Growth’ organised by Riphah International University in collaboration with SHFINT, University of Haripur and PCRWR in Islamabad, he said unfortunately all the…Read More

Factors to consider before buying a Solar PV system

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article image By Samir AhmadOWING TO the unprecedented level of power shortage being faced throughout the major cities and villages of Pakistan, a substantial demand of quick and reliable power solutions for household and industrial application has been observed. People have now started understanding that quick fixes in the form of UPS (Uninterrupted power supplies) and petrol/diesel generators are not a long term and sustainable solution to the impending power crisis, which is here to stay.In scenarios such…Read More

Agriculture and food quality factors in Pakistan

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article image By Dr. Maria ShwebaIF YOU look at the food items at a store, you will find such things written; Low fat - Gluten free - All natural - Organic - Cage-free. Contains peanuts. Such words or assurances on food products give us a reason to purchase. While too much of labels can be confusing, they also alert us to what may or may not be in our food. And we have every right to know.So when we’re standing in a grocery store ready to buy, why don’t we know which foods contain genetically engineered…Read More