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50% subsidy for tunnel farming; Punjab govt.

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Punjab government under Khadim-e-Kisan package has on track a programme offering 50% subsidy for installation of the tunnel on 3000 acres of land. Narrator of the Agriculture Department said tunnel farming can promote the yield of vegetables including cucumber, capsicum, bitter gourd etc. He said Punjab government on drip irrigation system is also providing 60% […]…Read More

Organic Farming

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The farming without use of synthetic chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides etc and rely upon crop rotation, crop residues, animal wastes ,mineral rocks and biological system of nutrient management and crop protection. Organic farming has four principles which includes principle of health, care, fairness and ecology. The first principle which is most important and has […]…Read More

Pakistan to adopt modern farming to increase yield

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The government should encourage and ease the farming community to adopt modern technologies to avoid post-harvest losses and increase agriculture production. Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Abdul Basit said. The suffering of agriculture is due to numerous multiple reasons, said in a statement, the LCCI president. He stressed the need for increasing the […]…Read More

OSTRICH FARMING in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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Ostrich (Struthio camelus) could be a retitle bird. There square measure 5 taxonomic category of ostrich that square measure North African ostrich, South African ostrich, Masai ostrich, Arabian ostrich, Somali ostrich. It will run with the speed of 70km/h. little question ostrich is that the largest bird within the world. It contains long neck with unclothed legs. Single egg amlete fulfill the necessities of twenty five folks. the common lifetime of ostrich is fifty years. Egg production amount is up to the age of 30-40 years. it will tolerate […]…Read More

Nestle to introduce latest mango farming techniques among locals

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Nestle Pakistan has revealed that they want to invest on the development of farming in order to expand its business in the agriculture sector. “I am unable to tell the exact amount the company is investing at the moment but I can assure that the investment is in millions”, said Ali Ashar Syed, corporate manager […]…Read More

Farming module provides locally produced food all year round

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Exsilio, a Finnish enterprise, has developed a high-tech solution for cultivating salad and herbs, among others, in urban environments. The solution comprises a redesigned container, where ecological local food can be cultivated efficiently. “Our solution is ideal for example for restaurants and institutional kitchens wanting to produce their own fresh ingredients. The modules also serve […]…Read More

PSF Caravan Trucks turned into “Mobile Science Talent Farming Labs”

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Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) has transformed Old Science Caravan Trucks into colorful and well-equipped ‘Mobile Science Talent Farming Labs’ under Science Talent Farming project. PSF designed a Mobile Science Exhibition that they called a Science Caravan. The purpose of this caravan is to motivate young generation and aware them about science. It holds scientific films […]…Read More

Innovative techniques in dryland farming

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article image Dry farming is an agricultural method that allowed crops to be cultivated on the prairie, which typically received limitedprecipitation and endured harsh winters. The water scarcity is major challenge to crop production in theses area. But farmers are applying resource conservation technologies to get higher crop productions even under limited supply of water. A lot of advancement in conservation technologies has been made during last decade but potential impacts of some newly developed…Read More

PARCs RADP project focuses farming sector

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is flying under the major project of Research for Agricultural Development Program (RADP) for the development of agriculture sector in Pakistan with a total cost of Rs. 2963 million. RADP is a basket of technologies for the end users. The government is focusing on a broad based holistic approach to agricultural growth through science based solutions for more profitable farming, high productivity, diversification of high…Read More

Good farming practices stressed for food security

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Potato consumption has grown significantly in Pakistan over the last one decade, but still, more than 99% of farmers grow potatoes from non-certified seeds, renowned Dutch expert on food security, Romke Wustman said. In his special lecture on Food Security and Need for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in Crop Production,’ organized jointly by SDPI and the Embassy of Netherlands, he said ensuring uses of technology at all stages of production, which includes…Read More