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Fighting the smokeless war-who will frame National Cyber Security Policy?

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The 21st century is seeing more countries paying attention to asymmetrical threats as a new dimension in strategic defense. Although, traditional security issues will continue into the new century but threats such as terrorism and trans-boundary crime has also attracted attention and is given focus as parts of the national strategic perspective. It is alarming that, in recent years, together with the occurrence of new information and communication technology (ICT) and the development of the…Read More

E-governance: An important tool for fighting corruption

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article image Throughout the world, governments are faced with the challenge of renovation and the need to reinvent government systems in order to deliver efficient and cost effective services via information and communication technologies. E-government is understood as the use of such technologies to promote more professional and successful government, more convenient government services, greater public access to information, and more government accountability to citizens, whereas governance is a wider…Read More

Fighting the climate change

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ENVIRONMENT DEGRADATION has gained a phenomenal importance across the world, especially for making the third world countries including Pakistan feel concerned about this critical issue, which is potentially impacting the agriculture and economy. Pakistani climate change advocates say they fear for the future as there is not enough money to pay for the country’s $13 billion to $32 billion in annual climate change needs. Moreover, many question whether a state grappling with extremism and…Read More