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Static farm sector threat to food security

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article image STAFF REPORT FBD: The agricultural productivity of Pakistan remained stagnant for the last decade, raising a question mark over the food security amid the ever-increasing population."Due to lack of value chain, marketing and traditional ways of farming are the main hurdle to the increment in agriculture productivity," University of Agriculture, Faisalabad Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said this while talking a US delegation that has recently visited the varsity.He said that…Read More

Pakistan set to become hub for halal food

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article image STAFF REPORT ILHR: Pakistan has every capability to become Halal hub in comparison with any other country and the whole world is anticipating Pakistan as a Halal Hub which is becoming reality."A huge quantity of halal food, halal meat, halal cosmetics, halal gelatin and halal bones can be exported from Pakistan through which we can increase our exports hence can cover the trade deficit," Zubair Mughal, Chief Executive Officer, Halal Research Council, said while addressing a recently…Read More

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Pakistan eyes share in $3tr halal food market

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR:  Pakistan has a tremendous potential to export halal meat and by-products as it, being an agricultural country, has a vast range of animals, and the Muslim countries’ response can promote bilateral trade with Pakistan in this sector."The halal industry accounts for $3 trillion and is expanding day by day which demonstrates the extreme importance of this conference. The Punjab government has already taken up various projects which are imperative for developing halal…Read More

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Research on rice vital for food security

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Feeding Asia in the 21st century will require a second green revolution, however, unlike in the first generation, future yield increases will have to come from crop varieties using less water and nitrogen in view of the global climate change.Experts say that this can be done only by increasing the efficiency of photosynthetic system, i.e. developing a C4 rice plant. If and when achieved, it would be the first non-evolutionary example of reconstructing the primary metabolism of…Read More