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8-foot-long stegodon tusk found in Pakistan

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article image MONITORING REPORT ISB: An ancient tusk was found by scientists in Pakistan, offering clues to the history of the stegodon, an elephant-like animal that roamed over 1 million years ago. An ancient tusk unearthed in Pakistan could hold clues to the evolution of the modern elephant. The intact tusks are rare, and this specimen should contribute to the understanding of the stegodon, a distant cousin to the modern elephant thought to have roamed the earth around 1.1 million years ago…Read More

Stemming foot, mouth diseases needs effective vaccination

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STAFF REPORT KHI: Foot-and-Mouth Disease (FMD) is endemic and widespread throughout Pakistan, which was once very high across the world, however, better control of this disease in Pakistan can help the local farmers not only improve their own production, but also potentially export and help feed a hungry world."Studies suggest that 35-50 per cent of all animals are exposed to the virus by the time they reach one year of age," said Dr David Ashford, an Animal Health Attaché at the US…Read More