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Dont forget the vitality of mountains

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article image Mountains are the water towers and storehouses of energy for our world, yet each year, comes World Water Day, very little thought is given to the mountains and the people who live in mountain areas. This is a big mistake, especially considering this year’s theme of Water and Energy. Take for example the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region. It is the source of ten large Asian river systems and provides water, energy, and ecosystem services to more than 210 million people directly and…Read More

Forget about impact factor, lets create impact: HEC ED

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article image STAFF REPORT ISLAMABAD: Since Pakistan is seriously taking initiatives to put on track the science and technology research in order to meet progress targets amid the modern age, now this is the time to shift our focus, we should forget about impact factors and create impact - the key factor behind the success story of the western nations. "Youth, scientists and researchers are plying an important role. Research impact is that impact must be demonstrable. It is not enough just to…Read More

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