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Zong start Golden Number Bidding

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article image For the first time in Pakistan, Zong has started Golden Number Bidding in Pakistan. The Telecom company has recently launched a series of golden numbers including Octa, Hepta and Hexa patterns. New as well as existing Zong customers can participate in the bidding to win their favourite number. Starting from August 29, 2014, the bidding process will continue till September 10, 2014. A heavy number of customers are expected to bid for the golden numbers as many locals like to keep a…Read More

Golden Rice: A bio-fortified food

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BIOFORTIFICATION ISthe idea of breeding crops to increase their nutritional value. This can be done either through conventional selective breeding, or through genetic engineering. It differs from ordinary fortification because it focuses on making plant foods more nutritious as the plants are growing, rather than having nutrients added to the foods when they are being processed. This is an improvement on ordinary fortification when it comes to providing nutrients for the rural poor, who…Read More

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