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‘IT Growth can increase declining exports in Pakistan’

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Information technology can play an influential part in boosting decreasing exports in Pakistan as it can line up the export-based industries on modern lines. “IT Services contributed 17% in services for exports of $5 billion in 2016”, said Abdul Basit, President Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) while speaking at a seminar on “IT […]…Read More

Telenor Pakistan set to galvanize agricultural growth in Gilgit – Baltistan through digital innovation

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article image Expanding its digital footprint to the far-flung and underserved areas of the country, Pakistan’s premier telecom and digital services provider, Telenor Pakistan has launched its mobile agriculture advisory service ‘Khushaal Zamindaar’ in Gilgit – Baltistan. Launched in collaboration with Market Development Facility (MDF), the innovative service will provide localized and customized advisory services to facilitate […]…Read More

Corruption halted agricultural, industrial growth

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In Pakistan, industrial growth, and nationalization of industry and agriculture is ceased by corruption and badly industrialization. When Pakistan came into it has no currency of its own, in 70 years Pakistan has achieved the status of atomic power but regretfully since 1977 corruption is spoiling this country said the speakers Imtiaz Cheema, Ali Raza […]…Read More

Deficiency of Essential Nutrients in Plant Growth

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article image A substance that give nourishment compulsory for the continuation of life and for growth are known as nutrients. Plants require the correct blend of supplements to live, develop and replicate. At the point when plants endure from ailing health, they indicate manifestations of being unfortunate. Too little or a lot of anyone supplement can bring […]…Read More

Skills development can improve Growth Strategy

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An ambitious Growth Strategy for2015-18 has been established by Punjab government to address some constraints to economic growth in the province. Jahanzeb Khan, Chairman Punjab Planning and Development (P&D) stated in his inaugural speech to a one-day consultative workshop-Punjab Skills Forum mutually organized by Project Implementation Unit of Punjab Skills Development Project (PIU-PSDP) and Punjab […]…Read More

Agriculture revival bangs ADB’s forecast on growth

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The Asian Development Bank has forecasted Pakistan’s growth estimated to still be above for the last budget year 2016-17 because of the turnaround in the agriculture sector along with increasing consumer demand and construction activities, stated by the Bank. ADB, in addition to its flagship Asian Development Outlook (ADO) for 2017 report, said the initial […]…Read More

Sequential Growth of PTCL Revenues by 3% in Q2 2017

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PTCL announced the financial results for the first half of 2017 in its Board of Directors’ meeting at Islamabad. A sequential growth of 3% was recorded in PTCL’s revenue in Q2 17 over Q1 17. Revenue from PTCL’s flagship Broadband service increased over same period last year. Likewise, wholesale services and international revenues also increased. […]…Read More

Pakistan will soon reach higher economic growth: ADB

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Vice President of Asian Development Bank (ADB), Wencai Zhang said Pakistan can achieve good economic status in coming years if we observe the pace of ongoing work for economic growth. “I am truly impressed by the efforts of Pakistan government to stabilize the macroeconomic indicators showed encouraging performance in the country during recent years. The […]…Read More

Pakistan’s economic growth to hit 5.5% in 2017/18: World Bank

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Flourishing agriculture with Chinese infrastructure would lead Pakistan’s economy to 5.5% growth in the economic year 2017-18 said the World Bank. The Washington-based investor projected this growth at 5.8 %. “Pakistan’s weather, cotton prices, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor infrastructure project and a stable macroeconomic environment together all have increased in private investment,” said the World Bank. […]…Read More