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Hope for small landholders: Crop insurance

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Very 61% of individuals in Pakistan live in provincial zones even without having satisfactory landholdings and adequate money related assets for horticulture to obtain their job. With low level of salary, they are diving into degraded destitution. Difficulties, for example, dubious climate conditions (surges and dry spells), prompting crop disappointment or misfortune, uncertain land possession […]…Read More

CYBERKNIFE-Robotic Radio-surgery system a hope for cancer patients

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article image THE PAST few decades have witnessed a remarkable progress in the development of instrumentation and in the use and applications of medical imaging techniques. Imaging possibilities and their use from diagnostics to treatment have revolutionized radiology and imaging practices dramatically. The exploration of ongoing modern radiological techniques and research has led to a volatile growth in clinical practices of medical imaging. From 1960s radiographs to the modern techniques of today…Read More

Earth Day – Nation planting hope for future generations

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The WWF - Pakistan in collaboration with PharmEvo launched a nation-wide plantation drive in 38 cities across Pakistan to celebrate Earth Day 2013. More than one billion people across the globe participated in the 43rd annual celebration of Earth Day to make the world a healthier and greener place to live in.Pakistan joined 193 countries on the Earth Day to give back to Mother Earth under tree plantation campaign Save the planet in a Nise’ way.’WWF-Pakistan and Pharmevo…Read More

TCPP-the only ray of hope in energy crisis

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article image FOR EVERY country, its natural resources are considered as its asset as they play backbone role in establishing and maintaining its economy. Pakistan is listed among those countries, which are highly rich in natural resources. In world almost every country’s economy depends upon its production of energy i.e. electricity, fuel and gas per year. Fortunately, in Pakistan the desert of Thar, Sindh, (the world’s fourth largest stock of coal) exists which contains 175000 million tons of coal in…Read More

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Thar coal – Pakistans hope for energy self-sufficiency

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article image By Amjad AghaRECENTLY IT has been reported that the Planning Commission has decided to stop further financing of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) Project at Thar, since no encouraging results are forthcoming. This project is the brainchild of Dr Samar Mubarakmand, who has been working on it for the last couple of years. This news has been given lot of coverage by the media, and a wrong impression is being created as if the Planning Commission has rejected the Thar coal. It is surprising that…Read More