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PTCL hops onto the Google Tech Mela bandwagon

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has promulgated an association with Google for Tech Mela, a first of its kind web shopping festival in Pakistan. Senior official of the Company said while announcing the partnership, "PTCL is equipped to empower e-business retailers in Pakistan and is additionally taking a gander at this platform to connect with our clients". PTCL has also expanded its current organization with retailer Daraz.pk to offer…Read More

World valuable herb hops with medical benefits

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The Hop (HumulusLupulus, Linn.) is a native British plant, having affinities, botanically speaking, with the group of plants to which the Stinging Nettles belongs. It is found in most countries of the North Temperate Zone. The root is stout and perennial. The stem that arises from it every year is of a twining nature, reaching a great length, flexible and very tough, angled and prickly, with a tenacious fiber, which has enabled it to be employed to some extent in Sweden in the manufacture of…Read More