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Ship-breaking activities impacting environment

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Pakistan still does not have any defined Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to deal with hazardous wastes and other materials retrieved from ships. To make matters worse, hazardous waste from ship-breaking activity has been accumulating over the years in Gadhani. Pakistan is faced with an urgent need to recognize ship-breaking as an industry and develop a coherent environment-friendly ship-recycling strategy. This was highlighted at a seminar on "Sustainable…Read More

Climate change impacting date production

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STAFF REPORT KHI: At a time when dates are ready to be plucked, dried, processed and sold, Upper Sindh has witnessed radical and catastrophic climate change recently, within a month. As the fruit starts dropping compelling the growers to harvest it, the orchard owners are worried about the rapid climate change.In Sindh, dates crop matures with the advent of monsoon season. The production is under increasing pressure as the rapid climate change is disadvantageous for the crop.Growers are of the…Read More