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Comtech EF Data and Supernet successfully Implement 3G-Ready Satellite Backhaul Network

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Tempe, Arizona, March 11, 2014 - Comtech EF Data Corp. and Supernet Limited, Pakistan's leading satellite system integrator and service provider, announced today the successful migration of the entire 2G TDM satellite backhaul network to an all IP optimized backhaul solution to support current 2G/2.5G and future 3G operations of a leading Mobile Network Operator in Pakistan. The contract was awarded to Supernet after it had successfully tested and proven the technologies and processes for…Read More

LDI operators agree to implement ICH

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: As many as 14 telecom operators with Long Distance and International dialing license have agreed to establish a centralized landing gateway for internet calls in order to curb grey traffic.According to a report by BMA Capital Research, the gateway, International Clearing House (ICH), will make possible for all LDI operators to get international calls landed to a single technical gateway against the current practice of being handled by 14 Long Distance International (LDI)…Read More