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Chinese delegation investing in agriculture sector of Pakistan

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A Chinese delegation of entrepreneurs under the guidance of Lee of Ministry of Commerce, China paid a visit to Islamabad chamber of commerce and industry Pakistan. They have shown interest in investing in producing silk worms, mulberries, and many other agro products of Pakistan’s agriculture sector. Chinese entrepreneurs in the first phase of the project […]…Read More

Investing in higher education

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article image Education is the most powerful weapon and tool that we can employ to eradicate poverty, to nurture puerile minds, to develop ingenious solutions, to banish the scourge of terrorism and the most paramount of all to make us capable enough of standing, with our heads raised, among the comity of nations. Where primary education helps nurture the pre-mature minds; Higher education aides in building economies that control the world. It is an era of "knowledge-based economy"…Read More

Investing in science and engineering

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article image THE REAL wealth of Pakistan lies in its youth. About 90 million people or roughly half the population is below the age of 18. This is a unique advantage as it offers a window of opportunity for progress. If we can re-prioritise our national development vision and programmes, we can unleash the huge creative potential that exists and marches towards building a strong knowledge economy.We need to train manpower and establish high value-added industries ranging from electronics to engineering goods…Read More

Investing in quality technical education key to success: Dr. Fan

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article image By Paras AliWHILE TAKING step forward in take the local IT and telecom industry to new heights, Zong in collaboration with Huawei has established a state-of-the-art GSM laboratory and training centre at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST)."The project has been launched in Pakistan in order to maintain as well as strengthen the liaison with the telecom industry’s needs by creating a bridge between the academia and the corporate world," said Dr Fan Yun Jun, CEO,…Read More

OLX Pakistan investing heavily in advertisement

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OLX is a global online retailer and auction site. They have an impressive footprint in a little less than 100 countries, each with their own specific domain (like .pk for Pakistan and .in for India).In Pakistan they have been operating under olx.com.pk for some time with people using it to sell things online.Recently they have started advertising heavily on television, a medium seldom used by online businesses previously. The ads are witty and fun to watch.The most important factor of these ads…Read More