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SDG advocate Swiss Crown Princess Victoria joined the int’l community

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“DO WHAT you can, do it wisely, and most importantly do it now. A healthy ocean is not a luxury item. It is a necessity for survival. And taking care of the ocean means taking care of ourselves,” Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden said, as she addressed the Stockholm Resilience Centre event on “Engaging the […]…Read More

Nokia and Djuice joined to augment Pakistani developers

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article image MONITORING REPORT: With a vision to cater to the lower segment of the market, NokiaPakistan and Djuice have joined hands to start a series of Developer Workshops that aim to provide training focused on S40 devices. The first workshop in this chain was held at Telenor regional office where Tony Torp, Nokia External Trainer shared the details of development tools available to develop mobile apps for S40 devices and gave hands-on training to the participants.Tony Torp said, "Yet again it was…Read More