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Science Journalism-building public engagement in science

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article image "I saw on TV…", "I heard on radio…" and "I read in the newspaper…" are phrases that catch our attention. In the 21st century, the mass media has become the most influential medium that communicates to large numbers of individuals. News is the building block that helps us to construct an understanding of the world we live in, and science and technology (SandT) are principal dynamics in shaping tomorrow’s world. Research and innovation have been…Read More

Unesco dialogue focuses on media, info literacy, edu journalism

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article image STAFF REPORT ISB: Academicians, journalists and development sector professionals, students debated and discussed safety and security of journalists, the psychological effect of media’s exposure debated and discussed at a town hall dialogue organised by AGAHI and UNESCO, Pakistan here. Purpose of the programme was to highlight and identify the need to develop editorial space for education journalism. Puruesh Chaudhary, founder and president, AGAHI, while opening the discussion forum…Read More