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Cyber laws to be made in light of NAP: Anusha

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STAFF REPORT ISB: On the direction of the National Assembly Standing Committee on IT and Telecom, the technical committee comprising technical and legal experts and MNAs has started reviewing the proposed prevention of electronic crime bill 2015. Minister for IT and Telecom Anusha Rahman has recently chaired the first session of "bill review meeting" here in Islamabad. Special Assistants to PM Khawaja Zaheer Ahmad, Barrister Zafarullah Khan, Maj (R) Tahir Iqbal, Sardar Awais Khan…Read More

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Lack of e-waste disposal laws

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Though the generation of uncontrolled electronic waste (e-waste) especially in the developed states has emerged as a major problem in terms of its proper disposal, yet these rich states have criminally devised a mechanism and dispatch this e-waste, which is 40 million tons worldwide each year, to poor countries especially Pakistan, India and Bangladesh where recycling business of this e-waste has a big space to flourish. Since this e-waste carries a huge percentage of toxic chemicals, the…Read More

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Environment laws implementation stressed

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STAFF REPORT LHR: Scientists have been warning the authorities for quite some time about the harmful effects of environmental pollution. They say that by 2050 some parts of the world will experience extreme heat, making human survival very difficult. They warn that the temperature in these areas is likely to increase further unless some remedial measures are immediately enforced. The developed world has already woken up to the challenges and has a set of laws to combat pollution. In…Read More

PTA seeks laws to block blasphemous material

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STAFF REPORT IBD: The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has proposed to the government to enact new laws through parliament for establishing an independent department having the mandate as well as the authority to block access of links on the internet carrying blasphemous material. ?No one is ready to take responsibility for opening up of YouTube as the PTA is just executing the orders of the Inter-Ministerial Committee and orders of other top officials,? official sources said…Read More

Speakers stress laws for environment protection

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STAFF REPORT KHI: The government, corporate sector and the people have come together in a new initiative to ensure environment protection and curb the menace of pollution collectively for a healthy and clean Pakistan. Representatives of various govt department, NGOs and local as well as foreign agencies spoke at the 10th Annual Environment Excellence Awards 2013 held recently in Karachi. On the occasion, they urged policymakers, all stakeholders and donors related to environment…Read More

WiMAX pursuing govt for transparent laws

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: WiMAX has recently attempted to convince the government of Pakistan to bring more transparency in laws and market practices so that more investments could come to the country’s IT and telecom sector."I have held a series of meetings with regulator and government officials to help them understand the challenges being faced by WiMAX operators in Pakistan," Declan Byrne, President of WiMAX Forum, said this while talking to this scribe during his recent visit to…Read More

Pakistan set to have revised IPR laws

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article image Staff Report IBD: The Federal Cabinet is expected to accord approval of Intellectual Property Right Ordinance 2012 soon to provide legal infrastructure for enforcement of IPR law and protection for the local and foreign investors in the country.The Chairman IPO said that IPO also intends to amend the Copy Right and Patent Laws so as to make violation of these law a criminal act with heavy fine and possibly imprisonment for the violators, with death penalty for making counterfeit medicines.The…Read More