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Water crisis looming over Pakistan

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: Water crisis is fast looming over Pakistan which has raised alarm regarding water storage mechanism."Water will be a major limiting factor in Pakistan," remarked Saleem Shaikh, Deputy Director at the Ministry of Climate Change in Islamabad, adding this critical situation has raised the alarm that water storage simply hasn't kept up with population growth.He said that the country’s water resources are under virulent pressure mainly due to the ever increasing…Read More

Looming water scarcity due to changing weather patterns

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article image By Muhammad ArifeenPAKISTAN IS fast shifting from a water-stressed to a water-scarce country.The UN Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Statistical Yearbook for 2011 states that changing weather patterns across the world have increased the occurrence and intensity of the earth’s natural hazards such as torrential rains, floods, droughts and cyclones; which affect countries such as Australia, China, Myanmar and, most importantly, Pakistan.The report makes it clear that there has been a…Read More