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Soil deserves love and care

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article image Adam and Eve were living peacefully when Satan whispered and they were thrown out of the heaven. Human were living peacefully enjoying serenity and beauty of nature Satan again whispered "industrialization" and destroyed the peace of planet earth. Then the giant started, this planet had become a kingdom of industry. Factories propagated on the land like weeds. Trees vanished, fields were barren, rivers blackened. The sky clogged on ash and smoke, and the people too are…Read More

Cheeky Tech Choking Love

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It really sounds odd to talk aboutlovein relation totechnology. But is it really something no linkage withtechnologyor its only naive humans who can't really understand the concept of the linkage between the two. According to theorists of post modernists, there is always a linkage or we may say an influence of innovation on already existing natural passions. According to theory, everything in universe has some impact on each other void of the distance or remoteness; signifcance may be an…Read More

5 Reasons for Pakistani Computer Science Students: They should love Programming/Coding

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Choosing a right profession is one of the most critical decisions of any one's life. As the structure of the society in Pakistan is such that parents have more influence on this decision. So, it’s even hard to select the profession which is more aligned to the student's own aptitude. That's why most of the time professions are chosen based on trends or wishes instead of aptitude. Common professions, mostly parents want their children to go into are Medical, Engineering, Telecom and…Read More