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Biogas production from livestock manure

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article image GLOBAL ENERGY demand is growing rapidly and approximately 88% of this demand is met by fossil fuels at present time. At the same time, concentration of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere is rising rapidly, with fossil fuel-derived CO2 emission being the most important contributor. In order to minimize related global warming and climate change impacts, GHG emissions must be reduced to less than half of global emission levels of 1990. Another important global challenge is the…Read More

Green manure, a natural way to keep soil alive

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article image The green manuring is defined as a practice of ploughing in the green plant parts or adding the plant parts (branches, leaves, etc.) from outside and incorporating them into soil for the purpose of improving soil fertility and plant used for this means is termed as green manures. Green manure crop is cultivated either in that place where green manuring is going to be done or can be brought from a distance. Record shows that best result of green manuring obtained from those crops…Read More