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Milk Fever Disease In Dairy Animals and Protocols for its Prevention

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article image The Livestock sector Funds 58.55 percent in the agriculture documented a positive growth of 3.63 percent during 2015-16 associated with 3.99 percent growth during the same period last year. Livestock is an integral part of Agriculture Sector which mostly rural people depend for their livelihood.In Rural Areas, People depend their lives directly on behalf of […]…Read More

World Milk Day observed at UVAS

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article image LAHORE (01-06-17): The Department of Dairy Technology of the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore observed World Milk Day to create awareness about natural milk, its nutritional value and various milk products on Thursday. Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Talat Naseer Pasha presided over the World Milk Day ceremony while Dean Faculty of Animal Production & […]…Read More

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Telenor to automate nationwide milk collection network with Engro

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article image ISLAMABAD: Telenor Pakistan has partnered with Engro Corporation to automate, and digitize milk collection network across the country with the help of advanced technology-based mechanism. An agreement was signed between Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO Telenor Pakistan, and Khalid Siraj Subhani, President andamp; CEO Engro Corporation to formally initiate the process. The mega project is set to facilitate about 135,000 farmers through 1,600 Engro milk…Read More

Pasteurization and milk preservation

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article image Milk can be stored only for 3 hours at room temperature just after milking. The shelf life of milk can be increased up to 24 hours by cooling at 5°C. Its shelf life is further extended to 4 to 7 days by pasteurization. Milk shelf life can be extended up to few months when UHT treatments are given. Equipment and electricity required for pasteurization. To preserve milk for 6-12 months lactoperoxidase system is used without the requirement of equipments and electricity. HISTORY OF…Read More

Call to promote camel milk value-chain approach

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article image STAFF REPORT KHI: A recently organized two-day international symposium on camel management and reproduction’ called for empowering camel farmers to promote camel milk value chain to improve source of living. Presenting recommendations, Prof. Dr. Mushtaq Memon, who came from the US, said the organising team visited camel habitat areas in Achhro Thar (White Desert) and held meetings with herders from other areas leaned that there is big potential to set up collecting points for…Read More

The processed un-ripened cheese can account for value addition in goat milk

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article image DAIRY PRODUCTS are very nutritious, healthy and useful for mankind. Cheese is one of the most common dairy products produced throughout the world. It is a traditional food with prehistoric origins. Cheese, like dairy products is made from pressed milk curds. Different varieties of cheese are made from un-ripened (fresh) cheese or ripened (aged) cheese. Cheese is a delicious and nutritious food has a very versatile use. We can use it into other dishes or eat it by itself. Cheese is very…Read More

Milk thistle – a useful herbal remedy neglected in Pakistan

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article image MILK thistle is herb of ancient times. It is member of the sunflower family which contains various medicinal constituents. The history of milk thistle plant is rich in terms of its utilization in detoxification of the liver from harmful effects; it is also a newer application including cancer as well as in diabetes. Mediterranean region is the main origin of milk thistle plant in the world. It can be grown in many types of soils. Another feature of milk thistle plant is that it is…Read More

Modern technology can multiply milk production

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article image STAFF REPORT LHR: Pakistan is ranked amongst the top three milk producing countries in the world. Some 35 to 40 million people are impacted by the dairy industry. The industry comprises 97 per cent in the undocumented or loose milk economy while the remaining three per cent represents the organized sector. About 6.5 billion liters of unprocessed milk is consumed for drinking in the country."The local dairy sector has a great potential for growth and if given the right incentives, it can…Read More

UVAS celebrates World Milk Day

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STAFF REPORT LHR: The University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore has recently celebrated the World Milk Day 2013 on its Ravi Campus Pattoki, featuring a technical session, performances/skits by dairy technology students, milk drinking competitions.VC Prof. Dr Talat Naseer Pasha chaired the milk day function while Solve-Agri Pakistan CEO Haroon M.K. Lodhi, deans of faculties, faculty members and students from the UVAS and International Islamic University Islamabad School Pattoki branch…Read More

JK Dairies have main role in Pak milk production

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article image STAFF REPORT IBD: The JK Dairies is set to contribute a significant share in Pakistan’s milk production as it is helping in the advance milk production efficiency in the country. The JK Dairies, a subsidiary of the JDW Group, is one of the largest and most efficient dairy farms in the country.The brainchild of Jahangir Khan Tareen, Chairman of the JDW Group, JK Dairies was started in early 2007, right when the milk business in Pakistan was beginning to see more corporate players enter the…Read More