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Pakistan on Crossroad of Mystery Phenomena of Migratory Birds

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article image Migration is the regular seasonal movement, often north and south, undertaken by many species of birds. Bird movements include those made in response to changes in food availability, habitat, or weather. Sometimes, journeys are not termed “true migration” because they are irregular or in only one direction . Migration is marked by its annual seasonality. […]…Read More

Human evolution: the unsolved mystery

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article image THE EVOLUTIONARY history of the apes is interesting, as they were the first animal having some sort of intelligence. Australopithecus was one of the first such ape species, which gradually evolved into Homo erectus. A systematic study of the fossils of all these creatures indicates that the¥ gradually adopted a bipedal character, and lived in groups. The most important character of these creatures was the progressive expansion, elaboration and evolution of their brain. The increase in the…Read More