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FRUIT FLY- A Serious Insect Pest of Horticultural Crops in Pakistan.

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article image Fruit fly is a serious pest of fruits and vegetables in Pakistan. It causes intensive fruit losses from 50 to 90%. Mango, guava, citrus, melon, and cucurbits are seriously affected. The quality of fruits, financial losses, health problems and quarantine risk is caused by its attack. Prominent species found in Pakistan are Bactrocera zonata, B. […]…Read More

Vision and sustainable funding needed in Pakistan for Nanotechnology: Dr. Nayfeh

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C2CIIT: Pakistan has the exact level of expert human resource and scientific activity in the field of nanotechnology. A focused national strategy and sustainable funding can make Pakistan one of the leaders in this sector. Professor of Physics at the University of Illinois and Founder and President of NanoSi Advanced Technology, Inc. Dr. Munir H. […]…Read More

PM’s Green Pakistan Programme to plant 100mn trees

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More than 2mn indigenous trees have been planted throughout Pakistan so far as a part of Prime Minister’s Green Pakistan Programme. Mohamed Saleem, a representative of Ministry of Climate Change, stated “Launched this year at Prime Minister Office, Green Pakistan Programme aims to reinvigorate country’s ailing forestry sector through a large-scale plantation besides protecting and […]…Read More

Water Crises in Pakistan highlighted

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C2 NUML: Speakers at a seminar to educate the audience about the possible shortage of water in a future and highlighted its importance for preservation. Seminar “Water Crises in Pakistan” was arranged by the Office of Research, Innovation, and Commercialization (ORIC) of National University of Modern Languages (NUML). The speakers including Naseer Memon from Strengthening […]…Read More

Adverse weather and flourishing agriculture of Pakistan

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Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. Around 44 percent population of Pakistan is directly connected with agriculture, that shares 41 percent of GDP and provides 70 percent raw materials for the textile industry. Unfortunately, it was declined in the past. Now, the situation is completely changed. Agriculture is flourishing because of modern technology and […]…Read More

Pakistan export its traditional transport to Japan

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It isn’t common to see traditional Pakistani transport in Japan while it’s extremely common to see Japanese cars in Pakistan. A Pakistani company is exporting three-wheeler rickshaws to Japan in a new venture to explore the Japanese market. Sazgar Engineering is a private manufacturer of 4 stroke CNG Auto Rickshaws and Automotive. It has been […]…Read More

ADB and AFD committed to supporting Pakistan in energy crisis

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Agency Francaise de Development (AFD) has approved over $400 million in loans to support Pakistan’s efforts to offer a more reliable and secure energy sector. ADB aid of $300 million, the third such loan under the Sustainable Energy Sector Reform programme, the bank’s total financing to $1 billion […]…Read More