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Camel: A future pillar of food industry

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article image Camels continue to be the preferred livestock species for exploiting extreme dry land areas. They are part of the culture of pastoralists and make up over 30% of the livestock biomass in desert. The Camelus genus of family Camelidae have two species Camelusdromedarius, the Dromedary, single humped or the Arabian camel and the Camelusbactrianus, the Bactrian or the double humped camel. The world population of camels is estimated to be 17 million. Dromedary, the single humped camels…Read More

Research culture pillar to progress

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article image Dr. Muhammad Abbas Choudhary, currently the Vice Chancellor of UET Taxila, holds both Master's and Doctorate degrees from the George Washington University, USA, and over 28 years of high level national and international experience in engineering profession working on high profile projects. He taught at GWU and provided professional services to UNYSIS Corporation, Automatic Data Processing Inc, Government of Washington DC and States of Connecticut and multinationals for many years. Dr. Choudhary…Read More